"To Blues with Love" album reviews


I love being able to say, «I told you so.»

They are Barb Diab and The Smoked Meat Band. Their first CD is called, ‘To Blues With Love’ and the official release of this took place last Thursday at the House of Jazz in Montreal. The high-class joint being  very appropriate for a high-class act.

Eight of the 13 songs are originals. With a few minor exceptions (CCR’s ‘Long As I Can See The Light’ and the Rolling Stones ‘Honky Tonk Women’) the album is exactly what the title implies, a love letter  to the Blues.  Smokey Robinson’s  ‘You Really Got A Hold On Me’? What the hell, not blues but close enough. Producer/musical director/guitarist, J.D. Slim gets the credit for almost  everything on the album except the graphics and the cover photos (and I wouldn’t be surprised if he could do those, too).
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- J. David "Jack You're Dead" Bush, The Eastern Door (Kahnawake, October 2015)